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Cleaning at event

Most efficient is to clean the table top at the end of your event, before putting them back in the racks.

Use a long shaped window cleaners bucket with a 45 cm wide window brush as shown. And a floor squeegee of 65 cm wide with a 220 cm long stick. First wet the surface with suds and let it soak at minimum 5 minutes, then brush it and pull it dry in one time. With this professional equipment 2 persons can clean 100 FoldTables in less than 1 hour!

Cleaning in the rack

Make a big loop with a rope and hang it on the upper side of the rack. Now let the FoldTables come down one by one while soaking table tops with a water tube and let them hang down in the loop at 45 degrees. Then brush table tops or use a pressure washer while putting them back in the vertical position one by one.

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