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Camping sites

FoldTables are ideal for use as tables for messing around on in the recreation facilities: The space remains uncluttered and there is no din from sliding chairs. Materials that are used such as glue, clay, pastel crayons or felt-tipped pens are easy to remove from the hard, smooth table top. Is there a disco evening in the same room? Then the FoldTables can be collapsed and stacked in a corner or removed in no time at all.

Swimming pools & sport halls

The plastic legs are safe to use on your expensive flooring and are also safe for your guests’ bare feet. FoldTables are often used for birthday parties held in sports complexes. Using a buggy you can get four tables out of the storeroom at the same time. That’s 40 seats for children!

FoldTables at your location? We like to think along with you.