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The first FoldTables are produced in 1998 and they are still in use at festivals. Some have had a new coating, while other were given new table- and bench tops.

A FoldTable is constructed in a way that i twill never be total loss. Each part can be ordered separately and is easy to change. No glue is used, all parts are screwed.

All timber is from managed European forests, no tropical hardwoods are used in FoldTables. The paints are water based.

Table tops & benches

This 12 mm waterproof, glued, exceedingly strong material is hard and tough. It hardly splinters and it is moisture resistant. The birch used comes from European controlled forestry. Different coatings possible:

  • Standard: Transparant lightbrown phenolic resin. Natural wood grain is visible
  • Colour mix: Covering colour paint,with stipples in a contrasting colour. Protected with a super durable transparant varnish.
  • Full colour print, protected with a super durable transparant varnish.


Metal Parts
Most metal parts are electro galvanised. Some are made of stainless steel. No maintenance.

Supporting slats
The supporting slats are made from solid pine wood, painted on water base.

Plastic legs
The no-maintenance base is moulded from a single piece of polyethylene. It can be recycled without problems.

FoldTables at your location? We like to think along with you.