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Standard light brown/red

The wood has a transparent resin coating, the natural wood graining is also visible. It makes the FoldTable suitable for any use.

Happy Colour

4 Different cheerful colours. In each rack of 10 there are 3 red, 3 purple, 2 blue and 2 yellow FoldTables. The table and bench tops have stipples in contrasting colours. This makes the surface less contagious. Finished with a super resistant, wheather proof protective sealing.


Colours on demand

With larger orders FoldTables can be ordered with colours on demand (at an extra price)

Ask about the possibilities

Full-color print / branding

Your fantasy is the limit. Your own idea, picture or branding on top of table and benches. Only with larger orders.

FoldTables at your location? We like to think along with you.