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The innovative racks are as important as the FoldTables.

The option for a vertical system has different advantages:

  • Enables you to work ergonomically during handling FoldTables
  • The tables will not scratch each other as with horizontal stacking.
  • Optimum loading capacity in trucks: up to 200 FoldTables in a standard 13.2 meter trailer
  • Inspection and cleaning of the tables by a single person, without leaving them from the rack!
  • A single truckdriver can load and unload by the backdoor, using a hand pallet truck.

Loading capacity

Minimum width in the car 225 cm
Length needed 140 cm per 2 racks / 20 FoldTables
Trailer 13,2 mtr long 20 racks with 200 FoldTables
20’ standard container 8 racks with 80 FoldTables
40’ standard container 16 racks with 160 FoldTables

Technical information:

  • A full rack with 10 FoldTables has a dimension of 140 x 111 x 225 cm (LWH) and has a weight of 580 kg
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Safety eyes for forklift at 4 sites
  • Each table is locked separately with a handle
  • The outer tables are secured with a safety chain

FoldTables at your location? We like to think along with you.